Elgee Sax

If you ask El Gee what is it all about, ask him for his motivation, despite the fact that he has been performing music for over three decades, and doing that professionally now for over two decades, studied music at the university, having recorded five albums, and performed in several concerts, conferences and churches all over the world, his answer will be far removed from all accolades of musical performances. El Gee heart is to consistently glorify God, create an atmosphere of God`s presence and to promote His kingdom. El Gee will tell you that he is not confused but clear about whom he is and his vision. Whenever you listen to El Gee music or see him performed live, you will unmistakably see someone who has had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. El Gee has a unique way of connecting with his audience; you can ‘feel’ him and the awesome presence of heaven. El Gee breathe out the ‘breath of life’ through his saxophone.

Early life

Abiodun Gbenga Owolabi popularly known as El Gee was born on 1st of September 1969 in Ilorin, Nigeria to the family of Mr & Mrs Owolabi. In 1978 at the age of 9, His father an ardent lover of music encouraged him to join the local church choir. He was sent home on his first day in the choir because his choirmaster said he was singing off key as the choir was preparing for their annual concert. The choirmaster felt it will be `risky` to have him around singing during their annual concert, he however told him to come back later. El Gee joined the church choir two weeks after the concert as an ordinary member of the choir.
Being a family church, the choirmaster could not send him away after all but allowed him to mingle with the mass choir. El Gee later discovered & developed his music talent and became a notable talent to be reckoned with in his family church choir. In 1984, El Gee started learning how to play the trumpet & saxophone in his high school. Although he was a member of the church choir, he had no personal relationship with the lord Jesus Christ, Following his mother`s ceaseless prayer for his salvation, she was really concerned about his wayward way of life. After his graduation from high school, September 1986, he was invited to play the trumpet at a full gospel business men fellowship meeting where he heard the gospel of Christ but indecisive until four months later when he heard the preaching about second coming of Christ and he decided to give his life to Christ in January 1987. He was converted and saved as a teenager, after praying and asking God for His plan for his life, in the same year El Gee proceeded to the university to study music.
You are all I need // True Worship Vol 2
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